Zombie Popcorn Collection

What is Zombie Popcorn? Those two words together bring up some interesting images, lol. I am not sure what it is, but this collection has a lot of great items.

My first pass at the new Zombie Popcorn Collection brought me this mesh top from Sassy! and this cute pony from wasabi pills. The mesh top is interesting because it is see through on the bottom. I do not think I have seen any mesh have see through parts yet and I think it is because you wear an alpha layer underneath and when you move your body would show through in different poses without that alpha layer. With this shirt you can't have an alpha layer on the lower portion that is see through, so when I move around in world my stomach and hips do poke through this shirt. However, its not that much different from the sculpted shirts we all used to wear and when we moved our avatar body would poke through the shirt. I did try some mesh pants with this but they did not work with the top. It just looked like my avatar was gone where the two mesh pieces overlapped, so I think you do have to wear system pants with these tops for the best result. All in all, I think its a unique, cute design and the in world skin poke through was livable.  

  • Hair: wasabi pills Anais @ Zombie Popcorn Collection
  • Shirt: Sassy! Venus Top Squiggles @ Zombie Popcorn Collection
  • Pants: Armidi Brindisi Slacks Beige
  • Jewelry 1: Je Suis Boheme Necklace and Earrings
  • Longer Necklace: croire Triple poitrait pendant sepia gunmetal
  • Bracelet: Earthstones Tarnished Gypsy Bangles Silver/Earth
  • Shoes: fri.day Basic Flats Tan

Love, Kirsten Corleone


  1. Thank you for showcasing the hair! I had been scouting the stores for it and never thought to check events. Cheers!


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